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How to use TV and internet advertising to drive a conversation

Advertising - October 1, 2017

Two thirds say TV ads are most entertaining ads

A Morning Consult poll looks in detail at consumer attitudes to online and TV advertising and the differences are very important. Not surprisingly to us, TV ads are views as the most entertaining form of advertising by nearly two-thirds of respondents. While three out of four rate internet advertising as the most intrusive ad medium. Advertisers and their audiences are having a conversation. The best conversations start by getting the other party’s attention and buy-in to hear you out by connecting personally, finding common ground or entertaining them.

Personal Public Speaking

Another example is public speaking. The age-old advice is to lead with a joke before getting into the message. Then you can get more detailed.   Then tailor your message to the audience and their feedback as you direct the conversation towards your conclusion. A broadcast medium should be entertaining because it is best used to deliver (relatively) untargeted messages. This means using TV to start conversations that are broad in their appeal.

Internet and TV ads

TV advertising needs to engage and entertain to keep viewer’s attention which isn’t easy. Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience found that 65 percent of the time consumers are multitasking while watching TV. Meanwhile, online advertising is a chance to advance the conversation by delivering more targeted advertising.  Using more specific and even personalized calls to action. Failure to do so leads to consumer frustration and wasted opportunity. At Fraser Communications we specialize in understanding the way consumers think and make decisions. This is because we recognize that the goal is to change behavior. Recognizing each medium’s strengths and limitations leads to better conversations and better results. Renee Fraser on advertising on internet and others Renee Fraser on advertising on internet and others

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