Communicating With Millennials

Communicating with Millennials Is One of Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

Communicating with Millennials is an art form, but it is not a difficult one to master. Millennials love communicating, in fact, it is one of the most important things that they do all day long.

They just do it differently than the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, and Gen Xers do. Communication for Millennials happens in quick bursts and short content.  In turn, manifests itself in chat apps, informal apps, and lots and lots of videos.

Target their preferred communication methods

If you want to communicate with Millennials, then it is best to target them in their preferred forms.  Need to move away from their least preferred forms.

Millennials use a variety of communication apps throughout the day. Surprisingly, email is still a popular option for Millennials, as it is for Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.

In a survey by Adobe, about half of the participants said they prefer marketing material sent to them via email.  However, the trick is getting those emails past the bots that determine to what folder the email is sent. Another trick with email and Millennials is that email is trending downward as the preferred method of communication in the workplace. So, crafting emails with precise messages is key to getting the attention of Millennials customers.

Text is the obvious favorite

Renee White Fraser on Communicating with Millennials Renee White Fraser on Communicating with Millennials[/caption]

Another important communication method for businesses reaching out to Millennials is text. This is one of their favorite ways to communicate with each other, so businesses need to do the same.

Text messages are read at a rate of nearly 100%. With short bursts of content, businesses can send reminders, coupons and discount codes, and information about special events. Businesses should be able to balance messages sent via email and text to keep Millennials in the loop.

Millennials also like to use chat apps.  Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, and especially Snapchat. Businesses are getting in on the Snapchat phenomenon as they develop their brand with the young people who use the app.

Filters and lenses get the attention of Millennials and many businesses use their own to get Millennials involved. The only issue with the apps is that messages can get lost as others quickly take their places.

Consider encrypted messaging apps

Whatever businesses do to communicate electronically with Millennials, they need to be concerned encryption. Millennials appreciate their privacy and they are not bothered with messages disappearing after a set amount of time.

Facebook Messenger has added a messaging service called Secret Messages which behaves like Snapchat. There is a great thing about these encrypted ephemeral messaging apps.  Which is they offer location information which can be a benefit for nearby businesses.

According to Deloitte, 35% of US consumers checked their chat apps and text messages as soon as they woke up each day in 2016. This is a six-percent increase from 2014.

Millennials appreciate when they can contact a business through text, a chat app, or email. Car dealerships and the service departments would be wise to adapt their business models, so they can communicate this way. It allows them to get quick responses and those are not always available via phone calls.

How modern communication methods make doing business easier

Consider the time it takes to schedule an appointment for automobile service. In the traditional way, the owner of the car must call the dealership.

A messaging system usually answers the phone and the car owner must wait and listen as the department options are selected. Then, the car owner must wait until someone answers the phone. After the phone is answered, the car owner must wait as an appointment time is found.

All that wait time disappears when a car owner can simply arrange to make an appointment through an app.  Whether it’s directly through text message or the dealership’s website. Confirmation and reminders can be sent via text message, especially if the car owner’s phone number is required to make the appointment.


Make the shift

Communicating with Millennials does require businesses to make a shift away from the traditional methods that have been used for decades.  As technology continues to shift, businesses should embrace the resulting communication preferences, too.

If businesses do not adjust to meet the desired communication methods of its customers, then they will not be able to maintain a strong customer base. Millennials will go where they are appreciated.

Will yours be one of those? Or will you fail to draw in nearly 30% of consumers and let your business die?

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