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Persuasion is an Art and a Science

Marketing - October 3, 2017

Persuasion – Both an Art and a Science

Renee Fraser on persuasion At Fraser Communications, marketing campaigns are created after consulting clients.  We also conduct research into what appeals to the audience in question. Persuasion to accept and act upon your message is a complicated undertaking. We don’t rely on a gut feeling, rather because the approach isn’t all science. We have found that a successful advertising project requires the use of both art and science. I have been in the business of marketing for almost 20 years.  Therefore, experience has been how I have developed an effective approach that works.

A Deeper Understanding

All of my marketing experts are trained to use research to develop a deeper understanding of what appeals to an audience. This happens before any marketing campaign is developed. We’ve coined the term UPT to identify this researched based approach. This doesn’t mean the intuition of our employees isn’t important in any successful campaign. Research can only help point you in the right direction. It takes quality people to turn that information into an effective marketing campaign.

A Diverse Range of Clients

Fraser Communications clients span both the public and private sectors. These organizations typically have very different needs.  You have to identify these before beginning any project. We also rely on effective research.  Having talented people that are able to use that research to create targeted marketing campaigns.  This is how we maintain our reputation as one of California’s premier marketing agencies. We have created popular marketing campaigns for such clients as Lexus, Toyota, and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

How Understanding the Market Helps Us Develop Our Campaign

We recognize that different things appeal to people at different stages of their lives. The needs of millennials are generally quite different from the needs of baby boomers. When we conduct our research, these truths are always in the backs of our minds and they help us to make sense of the raw data.

Finding the Right Mix

Effective marketing requires a mix of both scientific and artistic approaches. Striking the right balance can be a challenge.  This is something Fraser’s become quite good at over the years. That’s likely why they've been included on 5000’s fastest growing company list on 5 separate occasions.

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