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Marketing the Consumer Brain

Advertising - October 5, 2017

Understanding Your Buyer

Consumer Behavior was the known term for what marketers used back in the 50's and 60's.  Advertisers and marketers became aware that they could sell more by a comprehension of the wants of the consumer. Social psychology and neuroscience are the fields that incorporated in today's marketing.  Marketers strive to now understand the physical effects on the body.  As well as understanding the psychology behind the reaction of people to the products.

A Case Study

Reza Habib, a neuroscientist, did a case study a few years ago that examined the physical actions your brain made when we gamble.  Habib used addictive gamblers and casual gamblers for comparisons.  The brain activity has a clear difference between the two. Casual gamblers had the thoughts of a near miss is still a loss.  While the addictive gambler got excited even when a near miss happened.  Companies in the gaming industry use this type of information to come up with effective games to keep you playing.

Scratch Away

When you scratch off a scratch ticket and almost win, do you go buy another one? Gaming companies produce a certain amount of near miss tickets on purpose.  This keeps the player coming back for more.  A near miss phenomenon is what we are discussing here. This marketing strategy is genius.  Which in turn also increases the gaming companies bottom line.  This is a great example of the close relationship between human psychology and neuroscience.

Memories of our Youth

The decisions we make day to day are usually made on the subconscious level.  These decisions aren't rational.  The Coca Cola memories of our youth hold steadfast in our subconscious.  This lead us to not be so willing to try a different beverage. Brand loyalty is typically something we are not willing to give up easily.  Competitors have to come up with a moving emotional argument for why we should try their product.  If it doesn't move us, we will continue to just enjoy our favorite brand, even if their truly is better. The best chance of success for companies, is to use solid research, neuroscience and psychological techniques as a whole.  

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