Campaigns That Actually Empower Women

Campaigns to Empower

In today’s society, women deal with many gender biases.  Many brands try their hand to empower women but it is only a few that do.


Some examples of advertising campaigns that were successful include those like Dove and Cover Girl.


Cover Girl’s campaign entitled Girls Can was a very big success.  Celebrities that included Ellen DeGeneres and Queen Latifah were part of this campaign.  The ads showed them speaking of things they where told they could not accomplish simply because they were girls.


My company has been working with Lexus in a campaign to empower women.  It has been a national effort with a very good success rate.  You may contact me at [email protected] to learn more.


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Communicating With Millennials

Communicating with Millennials Is One of Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

Communicating with Millennials is an art form, but it is not a difficult one to master. Millennials love communicating, in fact, it is one of the most important things that they do all day long.

They just do it differently than the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, and Gen Xers do. Communication for Millennials happens in quick bursts and short content.  In turn, manifests itself in chat apps, informal apps, and lots and lots of videos.

Target their preferred communication methods

If you want to communicate with Millennials, then it is best to target them in their preferred forms.  Need to move away from their least preferred forms.

Millennials use a variety of communication apps throughout the day. Surprisingly, email is still a popular option for Millennials, as it is for Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.

In a survey by Adobe, about half of the participants said they prefer marketing material sent to them via email.  However, the trick is getting those emails past the bots that determine to what folder the email is sent. Another trick with email and Millennials is that email is trending downward as the preferred method of communication in the workplace. So, crafting emails with precise messages is key to getting the attention of Millennials customers.

Text is the obvious favorite

Renee White Fraser on Communicating with Millennials Renee White Fraser on Communicating with Millennials[/caption]

Another important communication method for businesses reaching out to Millennials is text. This is one of their favorite ways to communicate with each other, so businesses need to do the same.

Text messages are read at a rate of nearly 100%. With short bursts of content, businesses can send reminders, coupons and discount codes, and information about special events. Businesses should be able to balance messages sent via email and text to keep Millennials in the loop.

Millennials also like to use chat apps.  Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, and especially Snapchat. Businesses are getting in on the Snapchat phenomenon as they develop their brand with the young people who use the app.

Filters and lenses get the attention of Millennials and many businesses use their own to get Millennials involved. The only issue with the apps is that messages can get lost as others quickly take their places.

Consider encrypted messaging apps

Whatever businesses do to communicate electronically with Millennials, they need to be concerned encryption. Millennials appreciate their privacy and they are not bothered with messages disappearing after a set amount of time.

Facebook Messenger has added a messaging service called Secret Messages which behaves like Snapchat. There is a great thing about these encrypted ephemeral messaging apps.  Which is they offer location information which can be a benefit for nearby businesses.

According to Deloitte, 35% of US consumers checked their chat apps and text messages as soon as they woke up each day in 2016. This is a six-percent increase from 2014.

Millennials appreciate when they can contact a business through text, a chat app, or email. Car dealerships and the service departments would be wise to adapt their business models, so they can communicate this way. It allows them to get quick responses and those are not always available via phone calls.

How modern communication methods make doing business easier

Consider the time it takes to schedule an appointment for automobile service. In the traditional way, the owner of the car must call the dealership.

A messaging system usually answers the phone and the car owner must wait and listen as the department options are selected. Then, the car owner must wait until someone answers the phone. After the phone is answered, the car owner must wait as an appointment time is found.

All that wait time disappears when a car owner can simply arrange to make an appointment through an app.  Whether it’s directly through text message or the dealership’s website. Confirmation and reminders can be sent via text message, especially if the car owner’s phone number is required to make the appointment.


Make the shift

Communicating with Millennials does require businesses to make a shift away from the traditional methods that have been used for decades.  As technology continues to shift, businesses should embrace the resulting communication preferences, too.

If businesses do not adjust to meet the desired communication methods of its customers, then they will not be able to maintain a strong customer base. Millennials will go where they are appreciated.

Will yours be one of those? Or will you fail to draw in nearly 30% of consumers and let your business die?

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Knowing Your Audience

Research is Incredibly Valuable

With many choices of brands of all types of products, it’s no surprise that the more you know your customer the better.  Companies conduct a tone of research on their market before releasing their idea. Knowing your customer is key.

To instantly recognize a brand, the marketing on the product has to be powerful.  Successful companies depend heavily on conducting market research to make their product pop.

Companies on the smaller side may not be able to conduct such research.  these companies can still access past research that will still help educate them on their consumer.

Even the simplest product

A lot of organizations also have the means to conduct research before every product launch.  Hours of research is behind even the simplest of product launches.  Doing so, will help the products meet consumer desires and expectations.

Some of the most recognizable brands like Green Giant and Coca Cola have hundreds of hours in research behind each product.  From a bag of peas to a simple coke can, you can almost feel the research.

Common Failure Attribute

Knowing and Understanding the consumer by Renee Fraser Knowing and Understanding the consumer by Renee Fraser

Students who are majoring in marketing have to study many companies failures.  The one common attribute is that they didn’t conduct enough of the research needed.  They jumped the gun only to miss the mark.

Research is proving more effective in shedding light on the many variety of things.  It is a fascinating topic to think that just a color of a product can affect its sales.  While other research might show that consumer are just looking for a good deal on said product.

Knowing and Using

In order to help the sales of an item, marketers must use and follow their research.  Failures in marketing a product happen all of the time.  This is often because of not enough research occurred.  Also, this is because no research was done at all.  Essential for an effective marketing campaign is thorough research at the start.

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Marketing the Consumer Brain

Understanding Your Buyer

Consumer Behavior was the known term for what marketers used back in the 50’s and 60’s.  Advertisers and marketers became aware that they could sell more by a comprehension of the wants of the consumer.

Social psychology and neuroscience are the fields that incorporated in today’s marketing.  Marketers strive to now understand the physical effects on the body.  As well as understanding the psychology behind the reaction of people to the products.

A Case Study

Reza Habib, a neuroscientist, did a case study a few years ago that examined the physical actions your brain made when we gamble.  Habib used addictive gamblers and casual gamblers for comparisons.  The brain activity has a clear difference between the two.

Casual gamblers had the thoughts of a near miss is still a loss.  While the addictive gambler got excited even when a near miss happened.  Companies in the gaming industry use this type of information to come up with effective games to keep you playing.

Scratch Away

When you scratch off a scratch ticket and almost win, do you go buy another one? Gaming companies produce a certain amount of near miss tickets on purpose.  This keeps the player coming back for more.  A near miss phenomenon is what we are discussing here.

This marketing strategy is genius.  Which in turn also increases the gaming companies bottom line.  This is a great example of the close relationship between human psychology and neuroscience.

Memories of our Youth

The decisions we make day to day are usually made on the subconscious level.  These decisions aren’t rational.  The Coca Cola memories of our youth hold steadfast in our subconscious.  This lead us to not be so willing to try a different beverage.

Brand loyalty is typically something we are not willing to give up easily.  Competitors have to come up with a moving emotional argument for why we should try their product.  If it doesn’t move us, we will continue to just enjoy our favorite brand, even if their truly is better.

The best chance of success for companies, is to use solid research, neuroscience and psychological techniques as a whole.


A Deeper Understanding of Consumer Behavior

Marketing Reinvented

Understanding the consumer behavior by Renee Fraser Understanding the consumer behavior by Renee Fraser

One marketing company is creating meaningful advertising by tapping into the psyche of consumers.  Fraser communications, headed by Renee Fraser, gives businesses and institutions an edge over their rivals. With a BA, MA, and PHD in Psychology, she has a deep understanding of how the human mind works.  That kind of insight is a powerful advantage in the marketing world.

The Science of Marketing

We may not think of marketing as a medium that can benefit from a scientific approach.  Fraser Communications has built its business on it. Fraser encourages her employees to develop a deeper understanding of the target market for every advertising campaign.

They conduct meaningful research at the beginning of every project. This approach is called UPT.  It is used to figure out how the audience perceives the brand or service so that they can produce an advertising message that hits home.

The company has had a lot of success with their system and is now a $40 million dollar enterprise. Renee has been recognized as one of LA’s 50 most influential women according to Los Angeles Magazine. She’s also been named one of the top 500 Most Influential People in Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

That has a lot to do with the impressive list of satisfied clients retained by Fraser Communications. Many of these are household names such as Lexus, Toyota, and the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department.

Clients in All Sectors

The fact that the company’s clients include both public and private entities is proof that their belief in a social psychology approach to marketing is working. According to Fraser, “the right message can change people powerfully,” and finding that message requires a lot of preparation and research.

The approach you use for a water conservation advertising campaign, such as the one they used for the Metropolitan Water District, is a lot different from one needed to help grow Lexus’s customer base.

Fraser Communications has been perfecting and improving their insightful approach since the company’s founding in 1998. Each new project targets the needs and goals of the organization in question.

Understanding the Target Market

With all of their experience in marketing over the years, Fraser Communications has learned how to identify different market segments. They first figure out which market segment represents the bulk of their audience and then they conduct the necessary research.

The company uses a different approach depending on if the audience are baby boomers, Generation Xers, or millennials. Fraser also has a great deal of expertise appealing to the specific needs of female consumers.

This ability to understand the needs of different segments has allowed them to create successful advertising projects that keep their clients happy. As we get older our needs change, so the baby boomers may be more inclined to respond to fact based campaigns.  While millennials might respond better to advertising that’s a little more fun loving. Before they make any assumptions though, they do their research.

The Goals of the Campaign

The motivations of each client are distinct.  Renee makes sure she has a strong understanding of their needs for the campaign before conducting any research.

A commercial business such as Lexus will likely want to create a campaign that focuses on increasing brand awareness.  Consequently that’s not what motivates the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. They want people to have conservation on the mind, so what they’re really trying to do is change behavior.

The two examples above require very different approaches to advertising. Developing a marketing approach that not only targets the right audience, but also satisfies the needs of the client is a bit of a juggling act. Fraser Communications is one of the best jugglers in the game.

Understanding and Developing Young Minds

One of the company’s most successful projects to date was created for an organization called First 5 California. Their goal was to increase awareness of the importance of brain development of young children up to 3 years old. After conducting research with parents of these young children, they realized it was important to keep the message simple.

They focused on three activities: talking, reading, and singing. The slogan “Talk. Read. Sing. It changes everything,” was developed and proved to be very effective. It encouraged parents to take an active role in their child’s early development. In the years following this campaign, children were more prepared when entering school according to the LA Times.

A Facelift for an Iconic Brand

Another great example of Fraser’s successful marketing approach was their work on a project for a luxury car brand. Lexus is one of the most popular luxury car brands today.  However, to maintain their position in the market, they need effective advertising campaigns.  That’s why they turned to Renee Fraser’s team.

They recognized that the multi-cultural and female market segments for luxury cars was growing rapidly.  They wanted to make sure they were in the front of these consumers’ minds when it came time to make a purchase.

Fraser created a campaign called The Lexus Difference.  They encouraged dealerships to target these markets through “marketing materials, speakers, webinars, newsletters, and partnerships with admired brands.” The result was a positive increase in sales.

A Clear Focus

All of Fraser Communications clients have benefited from its focus on a scientific approach just like First 5 California and Lexus. They do the research to find out what really matters to the audience.  In turn, they then build their advertising around that. The people that are targeted by their marketing, develop an emotional connection with the message. It’s not surprising that Renee Fraser is a Hall of Fame member of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Persuasion is an Art and a Science

Persuasion – Both an Art and a Science

Renee Fraser on persuasion

At Fraser Communications, marketing campaigns are created after consulting clients.  We also conduct research into what appeals to the audience in question. Persuasion to accept and act upon your message is a complicated undertaking.

We don’t rely on a gut feeling, rather because the approach isn’t all science. We have found that a successful advertising project requires the use of both art and science.

I have been in the business of marketing for almost 20 years.  Therefore, experience has been how I have developed an effective approach that works.

A Deeper Understanding

All of my marketing experts are trained to use research to develop a deeper understanding of what appeals to an audience. This happens before any marketing campaign is developed. We’ve coined the term UPT to identify this researched based approach.

This doesn’t mean the intuition of our employees isn’t important in any successful campaign. Research can only help point you in the right direction. It takes quality people to turn that information into an effective marketing campaign.

A Diverse Range of Clients

Fraser Communications clients span both the public and private sectors. These organizations typically have very different needs.  You have to identify these before beginning any project.

We also rely on effective research.  Having talented people that are able to use that research to create targeted marketing campaigns.  This is how we maintain our reputation as one of California’s premier marketing agencies.

We have created popular marketing campaigns for such clients as Lexus, Toyota, and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

How Understanding the Market Helps Us Develop Our Campaign

We recognize that different things appeal to people at different stages of their lives. The needs of millennials are generally quite different from the needs of baby boomers.

When we conduct our research, these truths are always in the backs of our minds and they help us to make sense of the raw data.

Finding the Right Mix

Effective marketing requires a mix of both scientific and artistic approaches. Striking the right balance can be a challenge.  This is something Fraser’s become quite good at over the years. That’s likely why they’ve been included on 5000’s fastest growing company list on 5 separate occasions.

How to use TV and internet advertising to drive a conversation

Two thirds say TV ads are most entertaining ads

A Morning Consult poll looks in detail at consumer attitudes to online and TV advertising and the differences are very important. Not surprisingly to us, TV ads are views as the most entertaining form of advertising by nearly two-thirds of respondents. While three out of four rate internet advertising as the most intrusive ad medium.

Advertisers and their audiences are having a conversation. The best conversations start by getting the other party’s attention and buy-in to hear you out by connecting personally, finding common ground or entertaining them.

Personal Public Speaking

Another example is public speaking. The age-old advice is to lead with a joke before getting into the message. Then you can get more detailed.   Then tailor your message to the audience and their feedback as you direct the conversation towards your conclusion.

A broadcast medium should be entertaining because it is best used to deliver (relatively) untargeted messages. This means using TV to start conversations that are broad in their appeal.

Internet and TV ads

TV advertising needs to engage and entertain to keep viewer’s attention which isn’t easy. Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience found that 65 percent of the time consumers are multitasking while watching TV. Meanwhile, online advertising is a chance to advance the conversation by delivering more targeted advertising.  Using more specific and even personalized calls to action. Failure to do so leads to consumer frustration and wasted opportunity.

At Fraser Communications we specialize in understanding the way consumers think and make decisions. This is because we recognize that the goal is to change behavior. Recognizing each medium’s strengths and limitations leads to better conversations and better results.

Renee Fraser on advertising on internet and others Renee Fraser on advertising on internet and others