Campaigns That Actually Empower Women

Campaigns to Empower

In today’s society, women deal with many gender biases.  Many brands try their hand to empower women but it is only a few that do.


Some examples of advertising campaigns that were successful include those like Dove and Cover Girl.


Cover Girl’s campaign entitled Girls Can was a very big success.  Celebrities that included Ellen DeGeneres and Queen Latifah were part of this campaign.  The ads showed them speaking of things they where told they could not accomplish simply because they were girls.


My company has been working with Lexus in a campaign to empower women.  It has been a national effort with a very good success rate.  You may contact me at [email protected] to learn more.


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Selling Lexus to Millennials

Understanding the Millennials

The generation of millennials is a very big part of today’s’ world.  Not being understood and strongly judged are things millennials face every day.  Lexus wanted to get to know their customer.

My company worked with this big auto company and their dealerships to ascertain how to better sell to this generation.  Also to find out how to hire and keep this type of employee.

Lexus hiring

Millennials approach all subjects, from buying products to applying for jobs, as serious business.  They inform themselves with a lot of information before they buy something or apply for a job.

I go into more detail here in this article The Misunderstood Millennial